Reno Rumble

Reno Rumble

Express Rollers Reno Rumble 2016


How did Channel Nine’s Reno Rumble series East vs West secure Express Rollers, a small family business as sponsors?

Express Rollers have long standing customers who know and love the quality of our Superior Lambswool Roller Covers. The Reno Rumble, Express Rollers partnership is the perfect fit!

It just so happens a well known professional painting company in Melbourne recommended our products for Reno Rumble. Within weeks, negotiations and filming were underway.  With our support, contestants were supplied our top quality Superior Lambswool Roller Covers and painting accessories to help complete their renovations.


Superior Merino Lambswool Roller Covers


  • Premium Quality, 100% Australian Merino Lambswool
  • A professional painters roller cover
  • DIYers looking to achieve a professional result, will want our roller covers, with 25-30% faster coverage and the hours and money spend on quality paint, why not use our quality paint rollers.

Express Rollers Super Frame


Our Super Frame can cope with the demands of everyday professional painters and is a great lightweight option for the DIY painters.  The Super Frame has no moving parts, easy to change rollers and comes with free end caps to suit all paint rollers in the Australian market. This Super Frame has been designed and patented by Express Rollers Australia Pty Ltd, its unique feature is the balance and even rolling of paint.


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