Superior Lambswool Short Nap 14mm

Superior Lambswool Short Nap 14mm


Sizes Available: 180mm, 230mm, 270mm, 305mm, 360mm, 460mm




Express Rollers Superior Short Nap Roller Cover (14mm)

The short nap has been designed for the application of enamel paints, gloss and semi-gloss acrylics over smooth areas.
Due to the ultra-fine finish achieved, it is ideal to overcome opacity difficulties where whites or paler pastel colours are used.


About Express Superior Lambswool Rollers

Express Paint Rollers ‘Superior’ Lambswool Roller Covers are premium quality, 100% Australian Merino Sheepskin. These rollers produce the
absolute best paint release and finest finish available. Made from Lambswool, they have greater density than any other fabric, which increases
the surface area of the fibers and increases paint holding capacity. Our wool paint roller covers are hand selected from raw lambskins to ensure
highly consistent quality.


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Testimonials about our Superior Range


‘Our primary focus in on productivity and quality. Express Rollers Superior Roller has a longer lifespan, holds more paint and has
significant productivity gains for our company. The exceptional evenness of the roller produces a very high-quality finish. I have
tried some cheaper rollers on the market and have realised when it comes to paint rollers, you get what you pay for.’

Andrew Pap-Horvarth – LPH Painting Co. Pty Ltd


‘Express Rollers Lambswool sleeves produce the absolute best paint release and the finest finish on the market. Interior Designers
and Architects are choosing whites and very pale pastel colours these days. Unless you have a good quality roller, you end up
applying extra coats. We don’t take the risk; we always buy Express Rollers Superior.’

Tony Santoro – Adelaide Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd


‘Over the years in the painting industry I have learnt it is better to pay a little more and get a product that does the job. We earn
our living by applying paint; therefore, I do not want an inferior roller. It has been well known in the industry that lambswool
is by far the best roller material and I haven’t found a lambswool roller as good as Express Rollers Superior Cover – and believe
me, we have tried them all.’

Joe Fraterman – J & L Painting Services Pty Ltd