Hi Tech Microfiber 15mm High Profile

Hi Tech Microfiber 15mm High Profile


The Hi Tech Microfiber Range provides a high quality microfiber fabric.

It is drip-free, easy-to-use product that will provide a high quality finish to any surface.

The 15mm High Profile Microfiber roller is perfect for Rough and uneven surfaces. To be used with any paint types.

–   Suggested use: Masonry, Brick and Stucco.


Roller sizes available:

  • 230mm x 15mm                            Our Code: RC – 75950 XR
  • 270mm x 15mm                            Our Code: RC – 75965 XR
  • 360mm x 15mm                            Our Code: RC – 75988 XR


Painting and Cleaning Instructions:


  1. Fill paint tray until it reaches only half way; do not overfill.
  2. Poll paint roller slowly into paint until uniformly saturated. remove any excess paint.
  3. Roll roller slowly and evenly. Finish one section at a time. For best results, start roller in a new area and paint back to previously painted sections.


  1. For water based (latex) paints – Wash in warm, soapy water, then rinse in warm clean water.
  2. For Oil Based Paints – Use mineral spirits, paint thinner or turpentine.
  3. Store in a tight bag (such as the one provided) for next use.