230mm Super Frame

230mm Super Frame


Express Rollers 230mm Super Frame


Express Rollers Super Frame is injection moulded out of heavy-duty industrial grade plastic. The frame is light-weight and will cope with the demand of
everyday use. The Super Frame doesn’t have any moving parts to lose or break and has been specifically designed by industrial engineers. Painting with
the Super Frame will be a breeze compared to any other alternatives available.

The end caps provided will fit into any industry standard core roller; which means that you can use this frame with any roller of your choice.After attaching
the provided end caps, the Super Frame will easily clip on to the end of the roller cover and ready to use instantly.

The unique design of the Super Frame provides a balanced weight distribution and a center pole connection ensures accuracy and a high-quality paint finish.


We recommend that the Super Frame should be used with our Superior Merino Lambswool Roller covers.