Superior Merino Lambswool Roller Cover

Express Paint Rollers ‘Superior Lambswool Roller Covers’ are premium quality, 100% Australian Merino lambskin. A professional painter’s roller cover.

The wool used in our rollers is the most natural product available, able to produce the absolute best paint release and finest paint finish available on the market.

Express Paint Rollers Pty Ltd proprietors have used their lifetime knowledge & experience in the professional painting industry and combined it with the very latest technology available in the wool and leather industry, to develop a worlds’ finest paint roller material.

Traditionally, lambskin rollers have been well recognized for a faster, cleaner and more efficient method of paint application. In fact, the Superior Lambswool roller cover applies paint 25 – 30% faster than any synthetic man-made fabric.

The lambskins used in the Superior range of rollers have been specifically tanned to produce the absolute best paint release and the finest paint finish available on the Australian market and at world class quality.

Used correctly, the Superior Lambswool Roller Covers have all the productivity advantages and efficiency when using lambskin combined with the superior quality finish.

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